How To Get A Man to Chase You Around - Here Are The Tips To Pull Any Guy Towards You

Published: 14th September 2010
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To get a man to chase you around all the time is the sign of a true passionate and exciting relationship. If you want your guy to go after you time and again, and have a never ending fuel of love burning strongly for you, listen to these following tips and you will pull any guy towards you strongly.

Be A Woman Of Confidence-

A man may not know it, but he is pulled strongly towards a woman who is confident about herself. This type of woman is highly desired by a man because she is certain of herself, and doesn't hesitate to say what she wants and when she wants it. This will always payoff in the long run with anyguy, because it commands respect.

Keep Improving Your Appearance-

Work on your physical appearance by hitting the fitness club and chiseling your fine physique. At the same time pay attention to the clothes you wear, and make an effort to outdo yourself a little more each time you meet up with this guy. Make him develop an increasing interest for you each time you meet, and make your presentation something that never ceases to amaze him.

Make Yourself Hard To Get-

Men love when a woman appears as a challenge to them. Show him that you do have a lot to offer him, and this will keep him excited and being at his best to be in the relationship with you and keep the fuel burning on all cylinders all the time.

Be Exciting And Fun, BUT...-

It is important to be fun to be around and enjoyable to be in the company of. This will make him eager and enthusiastic to be with you all the time. But, the important thing is to not always make yourself always available to him. He will feel the need to be with you because of your exciting nature, but when it's not always possible to see you, he will want more.

Keep Changing And Moving Forward In Your Own Life-

What this means is that it's important to keep pursuing your own interests and developing greater depth and quality in yourself and in your own life. Each time he sees you, he will be surprised by your increasing level of knowledge, new found talents and redefined sense of self. How exciting would this be to any man!

Go For Adventure And Intrigue-

Be the most unpredictable and mysterious woman he's ever known. Give him the feeling of exhilaration and a sense of intrigue each time you grace his presence. Show him you are daring and willing to do anything. Even doing things that make him take caution and push his comfort zone.

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